Claim your APEX Legends Omega Point Pathfinder Skin + 5 Apex Packs using Twitch Prime & PayMaya

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New loot for everyone! Apex Legends just recently partnered with Amazon’s Twitch Prime and they’re giving away free Apex Legends Skin (Omega Point Pathfinder Skin) and five Apex Packs. What you only need to do is to subscribe to their 7-Trial Twitch Prime and a one month subscription ($2.99), the total cost is around 217 PHP only (This includes the refundable transaction fee).

You may also use other methods to get a totally FREE subscription using a United States account and a dummy payment credentials.

To get your loot, you just need an account for Twitch and Amazon (Please create anaccount before proceeding with the instruction below). Also, a valid debit/credit card or a PayMaya to pay the 7 day trial with a 1-month subscription.

Go to this link and click the Claim Now button. This will lead you to Twitch login page and authorize your account for Twitch Prime.

It will redirect you to Twitch Prime region, select your region. In our case, we select Other parts of the word.

You’ll be redirected to the Amazon Prime, where you need to login your Amazon account.

After login, you’ll be ask to add your payment method debit/credit card. You need to enter your card credential to subscribe to their 7-day trial + 1-month subscription.

Finally, go back to and click the Claim Now button. This will ask you to link your origin account, where you can use your free loot.

This page isn’t working

After paying the Twitch Prime, if you keep getting an error message saying “This page isn’t working, If the problem continues, contact the site owner.HTTP ERROR 400″. You can fix this by opening an incognito window from your browser and re-login your Twitch account again and go to to redeem your packs.

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