What is the Code Combination to Locker in 2nd & 3rd Floor, Resident Evil 2

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When Leon reach the 2nd floor of the police building, you will discover a Men’s Locker Room where there is a storage locker. One of it has a padlock lock that requires a code to open. There is also a locker room outside the room along the corridor in the third floor of the Police Station building.

Men’s Locker Room, Storage Locker (2nd Floor)

The combination code for the storage locker in Men’s Locker Room is BIO.

You’ll get 3 x Shotgun Shells after opening this locker.

Corridor Locker Room, 3rd Floor

The combination code for the storage locker in 3rd Floor is RES.

You’ll get 5 x MAG Ammo after unlocking this locker.

That’s it! hope this simple guide helps you open those lockers.

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