Stuck on Roof (Burning Crash Helicopter), Resident Evil 2 Remake

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If you were stuck on the Roof after you get the Green Club key in the Boiler Room, you’re not alone! We also have a hard time figuring out how to escape from that roof. There is only one way to exit the roof, and that is the room going to the 3rd floor of the Police Station, but it was blocked with the burning helicopter and cannot pass through.

To get exit the Roof, you need to stop the fire on the burning Helicopter.

How to Stop Fire on the Burning Helicopter

Outside of the Boiler Room in the 2nd floor, there’s a lever in the right corner. That lever is the direction of the flow of water when you try to turn on the lever on the Roof. You need to turn the lever to the LEFT to point to the burning helicopter.

Next, go to the roof and look for the lever on the right corner. Turn on the lever to start pouring the water into the burning helicopter.

This will stop the fire.

You may now enter the room on the roof and the blocking helicopter will be removed by Nemesis (Tyrant). Be also careful as Nemesis will start to follow you whenever you go, just ignore him and keep running when he is near.

You may also watch our step by step walk-through guide below for your reference.

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