Real Life Characters in Resident Evil 2 Remake (Behind the Faces)

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Resident Evil 2 remake is launching tomorrow worldwide, everyone can finally play the game without limit and re-experience the game on this new remake. If you’re curious who’s behind the real faces/actors of the main character in the game, we are here to uncover it!

Eduard Badaluta as Leon S. Kennedy

One of the main characters in Resident Evil 2 remake, Leon is played by Eduard Badaluta a Romanian model.

Eduard posted in his Instagram account confirming he is one of character in the game. “Resident Evil, where i am one of the main characters called Leon S. Kennedy. Thank you and enjoy the game.”

Jordan Mcewen as Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield will be played by a model Jordan Mcewen. This was confirmed when she posted in her Instagram account and mentioned that she was already working on it on Osaka, 2 years ago and we’re excited for it to be released.

Patrick Levar as Marvin Branagh

The first officer Leon meets in the police station, Marvin Branagh. This character will be played by a music producer Patrick Levar. This was confirmed after he posted on his Facebook account that he mentioned that he did a 3D photo shoot in 2017 for Capcom, but he never told what game he was making.

Shailee Godsey as Sherry Birkin

The child Claire Redfield meet in the Raccoon City, Sherry Birkin. She will be played by a model Shailee Godsey. It was confirmed after she posted in her Instagram account about the shoot.

Sherry Birkin is one of the main character in Resident Evil 6, where she become an American federal agent.

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