List of All Lucky Emblem Locations, Kingdom Hearts 3

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After talking to Hayner, Pence and Olette in the Twilight Town. The Gummiphone Lucky Emblems was introduced, this is after Olette told Sora about the Lucky Embles spotted on the picture taken by Goofy.

Lucky Emblems are scattered all over the map of Kingdom Hearts III. You’ll get rewards when you reach a specific number of Lucky Emblems spotted. You’ll also get the Master Ring when you’ve completed spotting all of the Lucky Emblems.

No. Lucky EmblemsRewards
1AP Boosts
3Mega Potion
5Expert’s Ring
10Thundara Trinket
20Magic Up
25Star Charm
40Attack Boost
45Master Ring

Twilight Town Lucky Emblems

Town Square – The initial emblem is located just above the bench.

City Bus – You can find the next Lucky Emblems in the City Bus running around in the Twilight Town. To go here, you need to jump on other building and jump back to the bus.

Center Building in Town Square – On the roof of the center building in Town square just infront of the initial Lucky Emblem. On the roof, you can find the next Lucky Emblem.

Movie Theater – Just on the north left corner of the town, you’ll find a public movie theater. You need to wait for the movie to end in order to reveal the Lucky Emblem.

Roof Top Circle Table – Just outside of the Movie Theater, there is a two story building infront of the exit. Behind that building, there is a roof that has people and a coffee table. The plates in the coffee table is shape of the Lucky Emblems.

Outdoor Tunnel Entrance – Outside of the town, when you reach the tunnel on the north right corner, that tunnel will lead you to the forest. Just on the exit, there is a wooden door for the tunnel. On the right door, the Lucky Emblem is marked.

2nd Floor Wall Entrance – Just on the left corner fronting the tunnel wooden gate, there is a big wall; Clim that wall until you reach the 2nd floor, the Lucky Emblem is just in the wall printed.

Right Corner Forest – In the middle most right corner of the forest, you’ll find a small hill. The Lucky Emblems is on the right side.

Wall Entrance Old Mansion – When you go further in the forest, you’ll find an Old Mansion. Just on the left wall of the entrance, the emblems is placed.

You may also watch the walk-through video guide for all Lucky Emblems location in Twilight Town.

Toy Box Lucky Emblems

Andy’s Room Shelves – Inside the room of Andy, there is a shelves near the door. Above the shelves is a box that has mark of the Lucky Emblems.

Andy’s Garage Roof – On the roof of the garage of Andy’s house. There is a Lucky Emblems mark on the roof near the tree.

Andy’s House Entrance – Just outside the door entrance of Andy’s house. There are leafs forming the shape of the Lucky Emblems.

Car Rear Bumper – Just outside the house of Andy, there is a car park; Just at the rear bumper the Lucky Emblem is placed.

Wrapping Service Area – In one of the shelves in the Wrapping service area in the first floor of the Toy Galaxy Shop near the entrance. There is a Shelves on the top, with the tapes forming the lucky emblems.

Christmas Tree Toy Display – On the first floor, there is a pile of toys that forms a Christmas tree. You need to ride a Giga robot to destroy these piles. on the floor, the Lucky Emblems is placed.

Alien Space Ship – In the 3rd floor of the Toy Galaxy shop, you need to jump to the space ship hanging below. Above the ship is the print of the Lucky Emblems.

Toy Robot Display Stand – Still in the 3rd floor of Toy Galaxy shop, just near the Play Place shop, there is a Toy Robot display stand in the left corner. Below that robot stand, the mark of Lucky Emblem is placed.

Lower Vents – This requires progression in the game, when you reach floor 2 at the Action+ store, there is a Beast and Bugs stand shop inside. You need to get to the open vents near the stands to enter the Lower vents. Inside the lower vents, when you required to jump in the blowing air, behind is the mark of the Lucky Emblems.

Inside Toy Doll Shop (Disco Ball) – After reaching the end point of the vents, you’ll reach the Toy Doll shop. Just at the center there is a Disco Ball that forms the lucky Emblems.

Toy Galaxy Entrance – Just outside of the Toy Galaxy shop, there is a pile of box on the right corner (Fronting the exit of the shop). The stickers OUT NOW and the VIC THE VISITOR marks makes a shape of the lucky emblems.

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Olympus Lucky Emblems

Kingdom of Corona Lucky Emblems

Monstropolic Lucky Emblems

Arenndelle Lucky Emblems

The Caribbean Lucky Emblems

San Fransokyo Lucky Emblems

100 Acre Wood Lucky Emblems

Other area will be reveal once we finish playing the whole game. Keep tuning guys!

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