Items you Can Buy in Big Cat Celebration Voucher, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Just Today, Ragnarok M Eternal Love give everyone 20pcs of Big Cat Celebration Voucher as a part of their January 2019 event. The description of the voucher says “Thank you for supporting the game! Use it to open up the Big Cat Celebration Store, you can exchange all the presents you wanted.”.

Using the item will open the Big Cat Celebration Store where you can purchase some exclusive premium card, head gear and other stuff using the voucher.

Here are all of the available items in the shop.

Exclusive Premium CardAccessory Card

Stat Bonus:
All Attributes +2
Atk +20
M.Atk +21

Deposit Reward: Atk +3, Max HP +30
Unlock Reward: M.Atk +3, MAX HP +30

Fantasy Generator III AppreciationReceives Random Gachapon Headwear (Some headwears are not included)40 BCCV
Fantasy Generator I AppreciationReceives Random Gachapon Headwear (Some headwears are not included) 30 BCCV
Cute Pet AppreciationReceives a Random Pet. (Event Pets are not included, Sorry Rudolph!)20 BCCV
Valkyrie’s GiftGift Box4 BCCV
Mora CoinUse for enchantment4 BCCV
Gold MedalUse for runes5 BCCV
Seed of MastelaCrafting Materials8 BCCV
Adventurer CoinRedeem Item3 BCCV

Base from the list, what are the items you’re looking forward to buy? Let us know in the comment section!

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