How to Switch Characters in Kingdom Hearts 3

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If you’re looking to switch Sora with other characters like Donald and Goofy; Well, it’s not possible. This is similar to the previous installment of the game, but other stories may allow you to play as another character.

What you can only do is to assign the other character a combat style that will help you in the combat.

For an example, you can assign Donald to Stick By Sora; this will target enemies near Sora. You can change Combat Style by going to the Menu and select Customize.

Combat Style

  • Stick By Sora – The friend will target enemies near Sora.
  • Be Yourself – The friend will target enemies of choice. Not all friends behave the same.
  • Hands Off – The friends will stay out of the fight and take a supporting role instead.
  • Finish the Job – The friend will target an enemy and stay on that enemy until it’s defeated.

That’s it guys! Hope this clarifies the switching of characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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