How to Solve Statue in Art Room (Red Book), Resident Evil 2 Remake

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There is a puzzle inside the Art Room in Resident Evil 2, where there is a hand of statue that you need to put it back. Once you put back the hand to the statue, nothing will happen and it look likes you need to do something first to get unlock it.

If you already get the Commemorative from the roll film, you probably have an idea how to solve the Statue Puzzle.

What you only need to do is you need the Red Book that you find in the Library and combine it with the hand of Statue.

Once combined, you need to put it back to statue and get the Scepter.

You need to inspect the scepter and turn it on the back to turn on the device and get the Red Jewel. It is a key Item.

That’s it! You may also watch the walk-through video guide below.

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