How to Jump in Rubbles (Stepping Stones, Realms of Gods) in Kingdom Hearts 3

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One of the stage in Kingdom Hearts 3, specifically in the Hercules stage where Sora reaches the Realms of Gods, Corridor. There is some certain new task that requires you to jump in rubbles to reach the top temple mountain.

If you’re stuck on this stage, you probably didn’t figure it out well how to do the Air Stepping technique. If that will happen, Goofy keeps saying “Maybe you can use that rubble like steppin’s stones. Yeah! That shouldn’t be a problem for Sora!”.

To do that. First, you need to look for the object that you want to jump.

Locate the target, then press and hold the R1 button. Once it is locked to the target, press the Square button to fly. (If you cannot lock the target, you may try jumping. While in the air, press and hold the R1 button, locked to the target and press the Square button)

After that, you will easily jump to the temple without a hitch and no need to jump to rubbles.

You may also watch our step by step video walkthrough below.

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