How to Go to Clock Tower (Red Jack in Library), Resident Evil 2 Remake

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If you have a problem going to the Clock Tower on the third floor of the Police Station, you might miss some required steps to finish it. To get in the Clock Tower, you have to complete first the Red Jack problem in the Library. You need to find the tool to unlift the Floor Jack for you to move the shelves.

You can follow our step by step guide here on how to go to Clock Tower.

How to Get the Large Gear

First, you need to find the Large Gear. You can find this on the 3rd floor of the Police Station at East Storage Room. Inside, the Large gear is just on the pile of packages.

Large Gear is needed to complete the task in Clock Tower.

How to Get the Tool for the Jack

You may now proceed on getting the Tool for the Floor Jack. You can find this tool at the Records Room, but it requires a Green Club Key to enter. Once you entered the room, the Tool is just on the table.

Fix the Red Jack in Library

You can now go back to the library and fix the Red Jack. Go to the Jack and use the tool to unlift the shelves.

Once done, move the shelves to the right order to make a path to the next door above.

That door is an entrance to the 3rd floor of the Main Hall, the right corner of the balcony is the Clock Tower.

You can now enter the Clock Tower and finish the task since you already have the Large Gear. (No worries, Nemesis will not follow you on this room).

You may also watch our walk-through video below for reference.

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