How to Go Back to Police Station from Sewers, Resident Evil 2 Remake

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If you happen to already reach the Sewers in Resident Evil 2 Remake, going back to the Police Station, Main Hall is actually possible. There’s an hidden door between sewers and the underground facility, but you need to get the key and a T tool to access this door.

How to Get The Red T Tool

The T Tool is just in the left corner of the Treatment Pool Room, you need to lift the bridge using the control panel near the entrance of Monitor Room. Once you lifted the bridge, go the left corner and you’ll find the T Tool in the table.

How to Get the Key of Treatment Facility Room

The key is located on the Lower Waterway. To go their, from the Monitor Room, head to the Exit door on the right of Treatment Pool Room. Take the stairs and you’ll find a tunnel to the left. Head to that direction and you’ll need the Red T Tool to open the door. Once opened, reach the other side and the Key is just in Key Boxboard.

How to go Back to Police Station

From the Monitor Room, go to the Exit door. Take the stairs and go to your right, you’ll find a control panel for opening the Tunnel Gate, use that to open the gate.

Once you’re in the drainage, just head straight until you find a sidewalk on your right. There’s a door in there that requires the Red T Tool.

Unlock the door and enter, inside you’ll find an elevator going to the Workroom. Exit the workroom (this is where you get the ROOK chest) and just in front-right, you’ll find a locked room with red-labeled Treatment Facility.

Use the key to enter the Treatment Facility Room (In the map, it is labeled Worker’s Break Room). Now, find the cabinet with X yellow tape in it, just behind it, is the hidden door. That hidden door is the entrance to the elevator for the Underground Stairs.

Now, take the stairs until you reach a door locked (Saftey Tamu Lock).

Once you entered the room, there is again a stair, reach the 2nd floor until you’ll find the Elevator you used after you completed the 3 medallions. Use the elevator to go to the Secret Room of Police Station.

You can now use the Red T Tool to unlocked the gate going to the Police Station, Main Hall.

That’s it! Hope this helps you locate the pathway going to the Police Station. You may also watch our walk-through video below.

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