How to Get Star Crystal Quest (Collectibles), Clock Tower 2F, Al De Baran in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The Star Crystal Quest can only be activated when you reach level 90 and by collecting several quest item from 5 giant elder monster found on Clock Tower 2F of Al De Baran in Ragnarok M Eternal Love Mobile. Completing this quest and the other quest will also unlock the Time Gift’s Cuckoo Blueprint, which is part of the A Strange Enemy – Clock Tower Achievement.

The giant monster is similar to an Elder monster but way bigger than a normal one. They’re named as Chaotic Spacetime, you probably encounter this monster before when you go to the Clock Tower 2F. These monster will spawn in the area for about 5 minutes after they are killed.

There are 5 quest item that you need to collect from 5 different Giant Monster. You can find below the monster, its quest item and spawn location.

MonstersQuest Item NeededSpawn Location
Book of Shadows
(Chaotic Spacetime)

12 x Cipher Disk Shards

9 o’clock
Possessed Monk
(Chaotic Spacetime)

18 x Tattered Skulls

9 o’clock (center)
Undying Scribe
(Chaotic Spacetime)

10 x Stone Shards

12 o’clock
Gray-robed Warlock
(Chaotic Spacetime)

15 x Blue Cloth

3 o’clock
King of Beasts
(Chaotic Spacetime)

20 x Gold Blades

6 o’clock

Note: Once you already received the required quantity of the quest item, you will no longer get a quest item drop from the giant monsters. Meaning, what you only need to do is to send it to Naru.

Exchange Collected Quest Item

Once you’re done collecting all of the required item, you can go to the portal entrance near the Clock Tower 2F and talk to a NPC named Naru Other World Investigator and send all of the quest item.

Once you’ve send all of the item to Naru, it will be exchange for a collectible item.

Collectible ItemQuest Item Needed

Caesar Plate
12 x Cipher Disk Shards

Skull Pendant
18 x Tattered Skull

Alchemy Stone
10 x Stone Shards

Blue Cap
15 x Blue Cap

Gold Scythe
20 x Gold Blades

Go to your bag, on each collectible items, click the item and click the Put-in-handbook to send it to your Adventurer Handbook Collectibles.

After that, you can now go to the Adventure Handbook then in Collectible tabs and find the Star Crystal and press all of the + in the collectible items to get the quest for the last item.

This will unlock the next quest from Naru.

Last Item to Collect Star Crystal

To get the last item Star Crystal, you just need to talk again to Naru and activate the Star Crystal. After this, the Cuckoo Blueprint will now be unlocked if you already finish this quest and the other quest.

He then hand over to you the Star Crystal and from your bag. Do the same thing, press Put-in-Handbook on Star Crystal.

Finally, go back to Adventure Handbook, in Collectibles Tab. Then at Crystal Star, press the + for the remaining item to finish the Star Crystal Quest.


Finishing this quest will reward you with the following:

  • 10,690 x Zeny
  • 114,696 Base EXP
  • 66,530 Job EXP

So far, it doesn’t unlock any craftable item, just the collectibles.


To check your quest item progress, you can go to your Bag and look for Quest Bag. From their, you can find all of the quest item you collected.

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