How to Get Purple Senior Staff Chip (Dead Scientist in Glass – Greenhouse), Resident Evil 2 Remake

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When you reach the Umbrella Lab and the East lab, you’ll encounter a dead body of a Scientist in which he was smack into a glass window with a contaminated monster plant. The scientist is holding the violet upgrade chip for Senior Staff Pass, where you can use this to combine it with your ID wristband.

Getting this will require lots of steps, but we’re going to break it down for you!

Unlock the Door for the Labs

First, you need to go to Greenhouse Control Lab to unlock the two doors for the lab, the other lab is an entrance tunnel.

The passcode for the first lab is:

For the 2nd lab (Entrance Tunnel):

Get the Disperal Cartridge

Next, you need to get the Disperal Cartridge from the panel, it’s inside the Greenhouse Control Room. This cartridge will help us store the solution that we’re going to use to disable the monster plants in the Greenhouse and get the purple chip upgrade.

Get to the 1st Lab to Get Solution

Since the door is now unlocked, we can now proceed to go to the Lab to get the solution. The lab is inside the Greenhouse, it is located in the left part, it has a garden entrance going to the lab. This part has a little puzzle, you need to solve it to get the exact solution we need. To solve it, just match the red mark with the liquid needed.

Get the Signal Modular

Once you’re done collecting the solution, you can now proceed to the 2nd lab. But Unfortunately, the 2nd Lab is not yet opened. We need to get first the Signal Modular to turn on the power so we can get inside the 2nd lab.

You can get this by going to the Underground tunnel found in the Greenhouse, just head straight until you find a canteen like in the hall, then go to the right (Watch out for zombies and wild monster in this area), you’ll find two doors here, left side is the lab (but no power), front side is the stair entrance going to the 2nd floor.

Go to the stairs to the 2nd floor to the stock room. From here, you will get the Signal Modular in the wall.

Go to Canteen to Place Signal Modular

Now, we need to proceed to Canteen at the hall, you’ll find an ATM-like machine in the right corner, this is where you’ll place the Signal Modular.

But before that, you need to read what is the label written. The label is MURF. You need to adjust the signal of your Signal Modular to match the MURF signal. The answer is 7 dot left and 8 dot right.

Once you’re done, you can now place the Signal Modular to the ATM-like machine to turn on the power to the lab.

Go to the 2nd Lab to Freeze Solution

The door to the 2nd lab is now unlocked. We can now proceed to the 2nd lab, the entrance is just in front of the Signal Modular Control Panel, head straight until you find a door to the left. This door will lead you to the 2nd lab.

Just proceed to the room until you get to the frozen lab, operate the machine and use the Disperal Cartridge with solution to freeze it.

Go back to the Greenhouse Control Room

Once done, you need to go back to the Greenhouse Control Room to insert back the Disperal Cartridge with a solution.

From here, the monster plants will be disabled and the dead guy will drop to the floor (Watch out for Nemesis Tyrant). To get the upgrade chip, you need to go to the Greenhouse and reach the dead body of the scientist. The chip is drop near his body.

Once done, combine the chip with your ID Wristband to get access to the next wing of Umbrella Lab.

You may also watch this walkthrough video for reference.

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