How to Get Gift of Krampus Quest (Collectibles), Toy Factory 1F, Ragnarok M Eternal Love Mobile

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In Toy Factory 1F of Gingerbready City, a quest similar to Glast Heim and Al De Baran that let you collect a number of quest item from Giant monsters. It’s the same case here in Toy Factory 1F, the quest is Gift of Krampus Quest which can only activate if the required number of quest item looted from Giant monsters already completed. These Giant monsters is similar to a Myst Case, they are named Gift of Krampus.

There are 8 Giant Myst Case monsters scattered in the Toy Factory 1F, each has a different quest to collect.

The following are the quest item you need to collect from these monsters, the list also has its spawn location.

MonstersQuest ItemSpawn Location
Gift of Krampus – Selfishness
Gold Thread Rabbit
10 x Gold Thread Rabbit – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Sloth
Bitter Jelly Bean
10 x Bitter Jelly Bean – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Vanity
Spinning Red Shoe
10 x Spinning Red Shoe – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Deceit
Devil of Gold Dust
10 x Devil Gold Dust – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Greed
Talking Fish
10 x Talking Fish – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Meanness
Frozen Heart
10 x Frozen Heart – Shard
Gift of Krampus – Pride
Demon Four-leaf Clover
10 x Demon Four-leaf Clover – Shards
Gift of Krampus – Jealousy
Tony’s Eye
10 x Tony’s Eye – Shards

You can check your progress by checking your bag and look for the quest bag. Here you can find all of the quest item you collected.

Exchange Quest item to Talen

Once you collected all of the quest items, you’re now ready to exchange these for the collectibles item. You can find the NPC Talen Toy Designer on the central hub of Toy Factory 1F at the upper left corner.

Talk to Talen to exchange all of the quest item you collected, then you should received a collectible item that you can insert into your Adventure Handbook.

Insert Exchange Collectible Item to Adventure Handbook

Now, go to your bag and check for the collectible item that you exchange from Talen. On each item press Put-in-Handbook.

Now, go to your Adventure Handbook at Collectibles tab and find the Gift of Krampus and press the + on each collectible item.

Get the Last Collectible Item from Talen

Talk back to Talen and get the remaining collectible item. Do the same procedure you did for the other collectible item. From bag, put-in Handbook.

Then lastly, go to your Adventure Handbook, at Collectible Tab, find the Gift of Krampus and press the remaining + to complete the quest.

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  • Pardo June 17, 2019 2:23 am

    I have been for 5 hours killing Gift of Krampus – Deceit, and it doesn’t drop a single Devil Gold Dust (my stamina is in the yellow but I got all others collectibles without problem. My job is Archbishop.


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