How to Finish Tokyo 3 Dungeon, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The new event for Ragnarok M Eternal Love is finally here! The Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover; It gives new adventure and a brand-new quest for everyone to play. One of the new quests is the Tokyo-3, where players can enter a city dungeon to defeat 3 types of bosses.

Players need to defeat the bosses for a specific duration so they can receive rewards and achievements. One of the rewards is the Battle Chest and a Commendation Chest, both of the chest contains a specific number of NERV Emblems, which you can purchase items from the Tokyo-3 shop.

AchievementTime LimitItem
NERV Commander180 seconds5 x NERV Superior Battle Chest
NERV Deputy Commander210 seconds2 x NERV Superior Battle Chest
NERV Operation Director240 seconds2 x NERV Superior Battle Chest
NERV Operation Assistant300 secondsNERV Superior Battle Chest + 5 x NERV Commendation Chest

If you want to get all of the rewards in one run, you need to finish it within 3 minutes.

To Defeat Bosses (Unit Roles)

Before going to the Tokyo-3, you need to have 5 members in the party. It requires 5 members because you need to assign different role unit (Unit-01 Red, Unit-02 Blue/Violet) to each member so you can to defeat the 3 bosses effectively. You can switch unit by pressing the 4th skill.

Here is the chart that gives you an idea on how to assign roles for who to play as supports or attackers (The last boss has conditions, see the tables). Attackers must also use their buff during the attack to boost damage to Boss while support is in cooldown.

BossesParty UnitsRoles (Skill Use)
The Fourth Angel (1st Boss)3 Red, 2 VioletRed attacker (2nd skill), Violet support (3rd skill)
The Tenth Angel (2nd Boss)3 Violet, 2 RedRed support (3rd skill),Violet attacker (2nd skill)
The Sixth Angel (3rd Boss) if health is 100% to 50%3 Red, 2 Violet Red Attacker (2nd skill), Violet support (3rd skill)
The Sixth Angel (3rd Boss)if health is 50% to 0%3 Violet, 2 Red
Red support (3rd skill), Violet Attacker (2nd Skill)

For easy cooperation with your party, instruct one member to be the switcher (2 red, 2 violet, 1 switcher). You may also experiment other technique to get more damage to the boss.


It’s important that you disable the Auto attack and auto-Follow in the party to be able to quickly cast skills and kill the bosses faster.

You may also watch our example gameplay on how we finish the boss for 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

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