How to Catch Birds for Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3

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In the world Kingdom of Corona, a story of Rapunzel; In the middle of the forest, Rapunzel sees some birds, but they was startled and flies away to other location. Rapunzel would like to have it, and she keeps saying “The birds flew that way, Sora”; this is part of the main mission of the game, the objective is “Guide the birds Rapunzel. Walk quietly to avoid scaring them.” .

Catching or Guiding the bird is not easy and hard to figure out, because they usually scared when you move fast or jump.

In order to catch the bird, first you need to find its location. When you’re near to them, start to walk slowly. It will show a green icon, press Triangle to start guiding them.

Now, you need to walk as you go to Rapunzel. Yes, just walk slowly; Do not jump!

To move to other yellow stones, just tilt the movement button quick and hard, this way you will move to the other stones. Also, you need to stop moving after you move to other stones and wait for the bird to circle back again to Sora’s head.

You may also watch our walkthrough guide video below for reference.

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