How to add Shortcuts Magic Attack in Kingdom Hearts 3

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By default, the shortcuts magic attack in the key command is blank in Kingdom Hearts III. When you’ve tried to hold the L1 button, no magic attack is placed. In order to add, you need to manually place the magic attack or potions to the slot by going to the Main menu of the game.

How to add Magic Attack

Go to Menu by pressing the Option button. Then, go to Customize Tab. Press X to proceed.

Now, in the Shortcuts. Select the Set that you want to add the Magic Attack or Potions. Press X to proceed.

Fill the blank with the Magic Attack, press X then select from the Commands List.

To Save, just press the O button. Go Back to game and you can now use the shortcuts.

Press and hold the L1 button and press the command key. To scroll the shortcuts command, just press and hold L1 and press the up/down directional button.

You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below.

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