Banoobs deletes Ragnarok Character worth 400K to Support Permaban

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Popular streamer Banoobs is now deleting his Ragnarok M Eternal Love character worth 400,000 PHP as support to permanent ban movement in the game; this is after an outcry of the community regarding the hacking issue involving a third party program. The developers take the problems so lightly and they only punish players who use the tool for 3 to 15 days of suspension, lots of people in the community complains of how the dev handle the situation.

Banoobs admitted on his Facebook page that he use the third-party program out of curiosity. He said in his post “Yes, I admitted that I tried addons by curiosity before, but it doesn’t mean that I cheated my way on top. thanks for the ones who understands and sorry for the disappointments. I am ready to be suspended for my actions.”. His account is still active today which means he is not included in the 3 to 15 days banned list from the developer.

As support to permaban, he will delete his character hoping to send a message to the devs that this problem should be addressed seriously and implement a permaban to anyone that will try or attempt to use a third-party cheat tool in the game. You can watch his live stream video below.

The deletion of his character will take for about 47 hours to complete, the deletion will expect to finished on January 17, 2019. He also mentioned during the live stream that he is not leaving the game.

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