Answers to Console (Craft Machine Core Smelting Furnace), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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On the part of Little Marty quest in Clock Tower 1F, Al De Baran, the Craft Machine Core where you’ve asked by Marty to figure out how to turn on his Granda’s Machine Core Workshop, the only clue Marty’s give you is to read the handbook to get the answers for the Consoles.

When you talk to the Watch Making Handbook, the answers were actually mentioned; It says Gears, Quartz, Screws, Quartz and Quartz.

But most players missed the conversation and the answer either they immediately skip the dialog or forgot the order of the answers.

How to Answer Console

You need to answer the console’s in order.

First, go to Console No.1, the answer is Gears.

Second, go to Console No.2, the answer is Quartz.

Third, go to Console No.3, the answer is Screws.

Fourth, go to Console No.4, the answer is Quartz.

Lastly, go to Console No.5, the answer is Quartz.

That’s it! You should now figure out how to turn on Marty’s Granda’s Machine Core.

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