Answers to Allende, Clore, Amir (Teleport Service Quest), Al De Baran in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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After talking to Cadele Kafra’s Clerk after doing the previous quest. You’re assigned for a second quest that you have to send something, you need to help the intern girl to deliver them to several dockworkers; They’re Allende, Clore, and Amir.

When you reach the area mark in the map, Cadele actually mentions the answers. She said They’re heading to three different places, Send Allende to Prontera, Clore to Izlude, and then Amir to Payon.

For some reason, you forgot to memorize the conversation, here’s a simple list of the answer.

  • Allende – Prontera
  • Clore – Izlude
  • Amir – Payon

You can also follow the step-by-step guide below.

Answers to Allende, Clore, Amir Send to Questions

Send Allende to: The answer is Prontera.

Send Clore to: The answer is Izlude.

Send Amir to: The answer is Payon.

You can answer the questions in any order.


The rewards on completing this quest are the following:

  • 7,130 x Zeny
  • 50 x Tattered Time Pointer
  • 20 x Butterfly Wing
  • 127,440 Base EXP
  • 73,920 Job EXP
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