9 Ingredients Location in Twilight Town (Uncle Scrooge), Kingdom Hearts 3

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When you’re back in the Twilight Town, Uncle Scrooge ask for help. He need help for the 9 ingredients for him to cook food, the ingredients are scattered all over the town.

There are two types of ingredients you can find in the Town, one is the fruit basket and the other is a white lunch box.

Below are all of the 9 ingredients locations. However, there are more in the map that is not listed here.

9 Ingredients Locations

Celery 1/9 – Right corner of the Le Grand Bristol, where two kids are seating and standing on the concrete.

Celery 2/9 – Just infront of the Le Grand Bristol, there is a fruit basket on entrance door of the building.

Lemon 3/9 – Behind the center building in the Town Square, there is a fruit basket near the area.

Onion 4/9 – The front building of the Le Grand Bristol, behind that building there’s a fruit basket near the bridge.

Cloves 5/9 – Inside the Movie Theater, there’s a fruit basket on the back.

Sole 6/9 – On one of the bench on the Movie Theater in the left corner, the lunch box is place in that area.

Caviar 7/9 – Just in the right corner of the Movie Theater near the entrance, there are two drums in that place, the lunch box is place on the top.

Caviar 8/9 – When you exit the Movie Theater, there is a two story building infront. On that building, the lunch box is placed in the roof.

Butter 9/9 – Just head the most right direction from Le Grand Bristol, and locate for a bridge. The Lunch box is placed in a Generator like machine.

For complete reference of this tutorial, you may also watch our walk-through video guide below.

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