What is Katana, Double Attack in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile)

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If you’re tempted to buy Katana from Exchange that is worth 8M Zeny, or planning to craft a Katana Blueprint? You probably wondering how exactly the item works in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile). Based on the item description, it says Receive passive skill – Double Attack Lv.3. However, there is no exact information on how Double Attack skills works, is it 100% doubles your attack? will it work on Crit? or only works on a certain weapon?

Unfortunately, you will only know the description of this skills once you equipped the Katana item.

Double Attack

Based on the description of the Double Attack skill, it says “When launching auto attacks with daggers, there is a 15% chance to deal double damage.”. This means, Katana will only work for Assassin’s Class and only for Daggers. The chances of getting Double Attack is also pretty low, at only 15%.

Worth it?

It’s not worth for it’s price. Unless you’re Assassin’s, but still the chances of getting the Double Attack from using this item is pretty low and it won’t work on Crits damage.

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