What is Fresh Tree Bud in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This is a new Pet material available in Colorful Shell Shop or Pet Material Shop. In its description it says “The Fresh Tree Bud is very rare in Gingerbread City, the most favorite food“.

Although it is identified as Pet Material, it is not available to use for catching the Red Nose Rudolph pet. Instead, it is use as a food for the Red Nose Rudolph to increase its intimacy.

How to Use Fresh Tree Bud

For now, you can use this item for increasing the intimacy of Red Nose Rudolph. Increasing the intimacy will allow you to level up your pet and able to put it on Labor Traveling Machine and Pet Adventure.

Click your Red Nose Rudolph pet and in the upper right corner of your screen click the pet’s detail box.

Then click the Check button.

Now, in the bottom left corner, click the Fresh Tree Bud.

Then, press Confirm to increase the intimacy of your pet.

Future Updates

This Pet Material might be usable in the future for catching and taming. For now, there are no monsters Red Nose Rudolph anywhere in the map yet. So catching this pet is impossible.

There is also no “Use” button can be found when selecting the Fresh Tree Bud.

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