Shining Spot Quest (Glast Heim Churchyard, GLC.E109) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This quest will activate when you reach base level 80 and you may need to activate some of the previous quest in Glash Heim. When you reach the Glash Heim Churchyard and pick up some of the Shining Spot in the area. An “Undead in the Ceremony” monster will appear and you’ll have to defeat him. After this, you’ll be reporting to an NPC named Mysterious Listener to learn more about the secrets and he will give you an item that is needed for your Adventurer’s Handbook GLC.E109.

In total, there are 7 Shining Spots that you need to collect in Glast Heim Churchyard to finish the quest. This is pretty straight forward and the actions are just repetitive, pick, kill undead monsters, talk to Mysterious Listener. So, we skip this area and just list here the item and the story you’ll get for each shining spots. A nice story to read and recap.

Shining SpotStoryLocation

The first Waltz
Chapter 1 – The mask in the masquerade. It records Gewisslanny and Gabrielle’s first beautiful waltz behind the mask. The first sight, the unknown future, the fancy dresses, the mutual attraction… They set each other off beautifully on the splendid dance floor. Pretty and romantic like a fairy tale.

The tap dance of the rose
Chapter 2 – The withered thorny rose. It was kept in the first drawer to the right side of Gabrielle’s desk. A beautiful dried flower inside a book named the Dreamy Wedding. When the news of his death came, Gewisslany put it in Gabrielle’s coffin in person.

Walts of Love
Chapter 3 – The long, sharp western sword. When Gewisslanny received this present, she wasn’t sure should she praise the general’s unique regard or sigh for his lack of romance. It was hung on the wall as an ornament for a long time until Gewisslanny took it down and put it next to the deceased general. She told him, “Thank you for your protection.”

Moonlight Mood
Chapter 4 – The news about war from afar. The war of the bloody victory. The imperial army scored a hard victory through difficulties and obstacles. When news came to the capital,  Gewisslanny dropped tears of sorrow in the marquis’s mansion. Her silent cry was filled with regrets.

Holy Gospel of the Church
Chapter 5 – The gentleman’s handkerchief. In the monastery, who’s listening to her repentant words? Whom is that depressed face missing so dearly? A gentleman approached the praying lady quietly and handed her handkerchief in the most gentle manner. “Please don’t cry for your regrets. Tears don’t suit you, my sweet Gewisslanny.”

Prince’s Mockery
Chapter 6 – The broken Mirror. The prince took off his mask and threw it to the splendid dance floor. He jeered loud, “Too late, you snobbish woman of greed! A broken mirror can never recover perfectly.” Under the enchanting chandelier, a fairy tale broke in front of everyone. There wouldn’t be any more romantic waltz.

Sweet Memory of Marriage Badge
Chapter 7 – The yellow leaves. “If I can’t kiss you in front of Father, happiness will never befall you and me.” The man with this love immersed himself in the Sweet Memory of Marriage upon Himmelmez’s arrifval. The fallen leaves took away the rhythm of life.

After you’ve collected all of the shining spots and claimed each items, you need to open your bag and click the Put-in-Handbook button on each of the item you collected.

To activate the next quest, go to your Collectibles – Adventurer Handbook and activate each of the item you just added. After that the location for the next NPC will be mark on the map with a blue castle icon.

The name of this NPC is Father Anders, he is just on the left corner of the churchyard before the doorway going to the ruin church. You’ll need to talk to Father Anders

He then asked you to go to the wedding ceremony of Prince Gabrielle and Lady Gewisslanny at the ruin church.

From here, the wedding will start with few cut-scenes. And a monster Evil Druid appear in the middle of the ceremony. You need to defeat the monsters. And you’ll be able to get the Gewislanny’s tears.

The next objective is finding the soul of Gabriel. He is just on the right top corner of the Glast Heim Churchyard. 

After that you’ll be able to get the last remaining item for GLC.E109 and unlocked the Ayam [1] Headwear. Don’t forget to press the Put-In-Handbook button to complete the collectible.

To finally complete the quest, go to your Collectibles in your Adventurer Handbook and activate the newly collected GLC.E109 File.

 For walk-through guides, you may check our step-by-step videos in our Youtube Channel.

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