Ragnarok M Eternal Love Christmas Event, Starts Dec. 20

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Guys! Good News Ragnarok M Eternal Love facebook page just announce a new event for the game. The Ragnarok M Christmas – Red-Nosed Rudolph’s wishes, where 4 different event will be available in the game. One of the Event is a quest where you’ll get a chance to get a limited rare blueprint. The second requires participants the whole participation of the whole server community to complete, everyone will get a mysterious Giftbox. Also, a new item will also available in the ReCharge where you get a chance to get a limited pet and a Gachapon for the new Christmas Costumes set.

UPDATE: This event is for the previous year, please go here for the new December event: https://gamingph.com/2019/11/ragnarok-mobile-december-event-guide-save-the-unskillful-hunter/

Here are the complete announcement:

Event 1: First impression of Red-Nosed Rudolph – The mysterious visitor from Christmas Village

During the event, adventurers can go to Prontera Square to find “Red-Nosed Rudolph” and accept Christmas thief Group series mission. Rudolph will guide you how to finish those quest in the South Gate.

  • There are 7 quests, you can only finish one quest each day. You will receive a Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox after you finish one quest.
  • After finishing the 7th quest, you will receive a Cute Reindeer Horn Blueprint

Mission accepting time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to 27th 5:00 (GMT+7)

Mission finishing time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to Jan. 3rd 5:00 (GMT+7)

Event 2: Christmas Exclusive Pet Red-Nosed Rudolph is available for limited time!

During the event, Christmas Blessing Box will be available to purchase on B Coin Store for a limited time. Christmas Blessing Box, for 15 Big Cat Coins. Opening the box will be guaranteed to get: 300 Colorful Shell, and has 10% chance to get Red-Nosed Rudolph. Event Time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to Jan. 3rd 5:00 (GMT+7)

Event 3: The Red-Nosed Rudolph’s wish — Gift to Santa Claus

During the event, finish making the Christmas Cake in South Gate. When the cake making progress of the whole server is reached at 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, 100%, we will send every adventurer a Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox through in-game mail. When the cake is finished, adventurers can enjoy the Christmas Cake together.

Event Time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to Jan. 3rd 5:00 (GMT+7)

Cake Making Time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to 24th 18:00 (GMT+7)

Event 4: Christmas Costumes are available now!

Christmas series costumes gachapon is available in-game, come and choose your most fancy Christmas costume!

Event Time: Dev. 20th 5:00 to Jan. 3rd 5:00 (GMT+7)

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