How to Summon SMVP (Huge Deviling, Chimera, Dracula & Randgris) in Glast Heim Hall, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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These SMVP monster are one of the rarest MVP monster in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, as you cannot find it on the MVP book and has no clue when and where you can hunt this monster. This SMVP monsters are also very important in the game to complete the quest Archangel Wings and of course their special drops.

Based from the quest description of this monster, only one SMVP monster will appear or summon every week and the next SMVP monster will be available on the next week. However, there are some source that these monster can be summon after 2 hours of being killed (Not yet confirmed)

How to Summon SMVP Monsters

These rare monster can actually be summoned by killing the 8 Revival Shaman found on the left bottom corner of the Glast Heim Hall near the Sword Statue.

When you kill these 8 Revival Shaman, one of the SMVP monster will be summoned; either Huge Deviling, Chimera, Dracula or Randgris. Other players who’s inside the Glast Heim Hall will be also notified by a pop up message on the left corner of the screen saying “Adventurer, an ancient monster has awakened. Defeat it!” .

In our case, we managed to summon the Chimera Monster (Lv.95). It is hard to defeat this monster alone, so it is best to call your guild mates to defeat this monsters!

Item Drop from SMVP

Here are the following drop that you can get from these monsters.

SMVP MonstersItem DropQuest Item Drop

Chimera (Lv.95)
Hydra Blueprint
Chimera Card
Abyss Flowers
Rose Quartz
Transformation Scroll (Chimera)
Yggsdrasil Berry
Creste’s Royal Medal
Enchanted Amor
Motley Sword

Huge Deviling (Lv.100)
Evil Wings Ears Blueprint
Deviling Card
Rotten Bandage
Soft Feather
Transformation Scroll (Huge Deviling)
Apple Juice
Life in Spring
Creste’s Royal Medal
Long Bow [2]
Devil Smile

Dracula (Lv.100)
Blood Sucker Blueprint
Dracula Card
Necklace of Oblivion
Wrapping Lace
Transformation Scroll (Dracula)
Creste’s Royal Medal
Enchanted Robe [1]
Bloody Curse

Randgris (Lv.100)
Valkyrie Helm [1] Blueprint
Randgris Card
Transformation Scroll (Randgris)
Yggdrasil Berry
Leaf of Yggdrasil
Creste’s Royal Medal
Mithril Orb
Heaven Gate

More to unveil…

More info will be unveil here as we’re trying to summon these monster on other channel to figure out how this monster works. Stay tuned!

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  • Mayo December 23, 2018 2:07 pm

    spawn time reset of the revival shamans after killing the special mvp??

    • Jv January 21, 2019 6:04 pm

      2 hours


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