How to Help Finish making Christmas Fancy Cake Challenge in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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You probably surprised with the new quest pop in your screen. The Christmas Fancy Cake Challenge, this quest requires the whole participation of each players in the whole server to complete the progress of helping Rudolph to make a cake.

You don’t need to cook a cake to help make the Christmas Fancy Cake.

To help Rudolph, all you have to do is to finish the daily quest for the Christmas Event like the quest from Red Nosed Rudolph in Prontera Square.

By completing the quest you’ll be contributing to the progress of Fancy Cake making together with the other players. What you can do for now, tell your friends or guildmates to finish the quest so everyone could get the Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox faster.

When it reaches 100% until to the max stage, everyone can eat the Christmas Cake for additional buffs.

How to Claim Rewards Christmas Fancy Cake Challenge

When the cake making is completed, a new quest icon will be available in the Gingerbready City in front of the cake. Talk to NPC Candy near Bobo to initiate the quest and claim your Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox.

You can find the actual progress by going to Gingerbread City.

When the cake making progress of the whole server is reached at 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% 100%. They’ll send the Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox.

What’s inside the Rudolph Mysterious Giftbox

You can get a chance to get a Christmas Song Headwear. If unlucky, a bunch of meatballs!

That’s it guys! Enjoy playing the game.

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