How to get Red Nose Rudolph Pet (Christmas Blessing Box), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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There is an event item available now in the Recharge store, it is the Christmas Blessing Box which is sold for 15 BCC each. This box contains 10 x Large Pet EXP Potion, 300 x Colorful Shell and 10% chance of getting Christmas exclusive pet Red Nose Rudolph.

The 10% chance of getting the pet means 1 out of 10 tries. But it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get this pet once you opened 10 Christmas Blessing Box. In our case, we get it on the 7th tries.

Skills of Red Nose Rudolph Pet

This exclusive pet has 5 different skills good for Pet Adventure and Magic Penetration.

The following are the skills, the description is based from pet’s maximum level:

  • Ice Storm (Lv.4) – Deals M.Atk * 320% Water Element M.Dmg to all enemies in target area, had a 18% chance to freeze for 3 seconds.
  • Treasure Hunt (Lv.10) – Increase the chance of gaining rare chest in Adventure by 10%.
  • Freezing Frost (Lv.4) – Increase Pet and Master 0.8% Magic Penetration.
  • Merry Christmas (L.5) – Increase Pet and Master’s 2.5% HP and SP Regen.
  • Labor: Cooking II (Lv.8) – Increases working efficiency by 10.5% at the Cooking Center

Is Red Nose Rudolph Pet worth burning the BCC (Money)?

The money you spent will not go to waste. Actually, the 300 Colorful shells is discounted, half of its original price from the Christmas Blessing Box compare to buying from ReCharge, 10 pcs for 1BCC.

You could convert the colorful shell to Zeny or get a new pet by purchasing those Pet materials from Colorful shell shop.


Red Nose Rudolph Pet is ideal for your 2nd character in your account. This will give you higher chance of getting rare chest item from Pet Adventure without using the Stamina of your main character.

How to Catch Red Nose Rudolph Pet

As of now, catching this pet is impossible as of the moment. Currently, there is no Red Nose Rudolph monster around in any map yet. So, catching this pet is not possible.

What’s interesting is the food or the taming materials is now available in the Colorful Shell shop, the Fresh Tree Bud. For now, you can use this food to increase the intimacy of your pet.

You may also watch the actual gameplay on how we get the Rudolph pet.

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