How to Get Monthly Exclusive Premium Headwear (December 2018) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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When you buy the premium in Ragnarok M Eternal Love you can get the exclusive premium headwear every month. However, if you already buy the premium on the previous month and still covered the next month, you’re not entitled to received the free headwear, you should buy the latest premium to receive it.

Lot’s of players complain who stack up a premium to their account knowing that they’ll get a freebie for the next month because the product info says “Receive the monthly exclusive Headdress for FREE“.

Howeger, we’re not sure if activating the previous premium to this month will activate the new headdress.

How to Get the Headdress

Go to ReCharge, browse to Premium.

Buy the December 2018 Premium

Check your mail, and use the exclusive premium for this month.

You can now equip or deposit it to your adventure handbook for additional bonus stats.

List of Monthly FREE Headgear

November 2018 is the Party Hat with the following bonus stat.

  • Max HP +100
  • Deposit Reward: Atk +7.5, M.Atk +7.5

December 2018 is the Snowflake Beard with the following bonus stat.

  • Max HP +100
  • M.Atk +15
  • Deposit Reward: Max HP +30

Stay tuned for the next month exclusive headwear.

Busy NPC that you supposed to received the Monthly Headgear

There’s actually an NPC in Prontera that you supposed to received the exclusive headwear if you happen to stack-up the premium in your account. But for some reason it doesn’t work, the name of the NPC is Miss Ina Premium – Headwear Exchange, the one with blue wolf monsters in the left side corner of Prontera. When you talk to the NPC it will tell you “I’m the headwear supplier of Kafra. Any limited edition headwear you can find here. (Due to a business confidentiality clause, this month’s headwear won’t be available until the first day of next month. Thank you for your understanding…).

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