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When you level up to 80 and able to reach the Glast Heim map, you probably get a Creste’s Royal Medal from most of the monsters in Glast Heim. You also probably curious the items sold in the Creste’s Royal Shop and how to unlock it, one of the item in their is the Mask of Darkness Blueprint. Which you need to complete the Life Sword Quest. Unfortunately, there is no NPC to initiate this quest but you can only get this quest from collecting a certain quantity of quest items that can only found on the Glash Heim Hall from a giant Wanderer monster.

These are the quest items that you need to collect; Broken Scale, Bravery in Legend, Mystery Gas, Mystery Tear, and Unknown Imprint.

You can get those items from the unique or giant Wanderer, you’ll know if it is a unique Wanderer, because it is bigger than the usual size of a normal Wanderer and the most obvious thing is there is a last name on its name.

Here are the list of required item and the quantity needed, including which monster to farm.

Quest ItemMonstersLocation

20 x Bravery in Legend

(For Heroe’s Valor)
Wanderer Murasamemaru (Lv.99)

25 x Mystery Gas

(For Evil Aura)
Wanderer Kusanagi (Lv.99)

20 x Unknown Imprint

(For Kunitsuna Imprint)
Wanderer Onimaru Kunitsuna (Lv.99)

15 x Mystery Tear

(For Susanoo’s Missing)
Wanderer Totsuka-no-Tsurugi (Lv.99)

20 x Broken Scale

(For Snake Scale)
Wanderer Muramasa (Lv.99)

However, doing this quest requires a stamina to easily get the drops. Or else, you have hard time getting the drops because of the penalty. 

These monsters is also good for farming Creste’s Royal Medal, as it gives 8 to 29 pcs per killed.

To check your progress, check your bag and find Quest Bag. The item should be place in there.

You may also read the complete walk-through of this quest below.

Spawn Location of the Unique Wanderers

Wanderer – Murasamemaru, you can find this monster on the right middle corner of the Glast Heim Hall. It drops the quest item Bravery in Legend and 8 to 15 Creste’s Royal Medal.

Wanderer – Kusagani, this monster spawn on the left middle corner of the Glash Heim Hall, just near the entrance of the room before the stairs. It drops the quest item Mystery Gas and 8 to 15 Creste’s Royal Medal.

Wanderer – Muramasa, this monster spawn on the left bottom corner of the Glast Heim Hall, inside the room and under the stairs. It drops the quest item Broken Scale and 8 to 15 Creste’s Royal Medal.

Wanderer – Onimaru Kunitsuna, you can find the spawning are of this monster on the top left corner of the Glast Heim Hall, just near the entrance of the top left room. It drops the item Unknown Imprints and 8 to 15 Creste’s Royal Medal.

Wanderer – Totsuka-no-Tsurugi, just near the other wanderer monster, on the left top most corner of the Glast Heim Hall, he is near the red portal. It drops the item Mystery Tear and 8 to 15 Creste’s Royal Medal.

Finish collecting all of the quest item to exchange it to Collector Pixi.

Exchange to Collector Pixi

Once you collected any of the required item, the Collector Pixi will automatically mark in your appear and mark in your map, he is just at the portal entrance of Glash Heim Hall.

If you’re going to use the camera, you can see the NPC clearly.. Here’s what he looks like.

Talk to the NPC to exchange for Collectible items for your Life Sword in Adventurer Handbook, do the same to other quest items to collect other items.

To Complete the Quest

Once you collected and exchange the item for the Evil Aura, Snake Scale, Kunitsuna Imprint, Susanoo’s Missing and Eight Heroes Valor. Go to your bag and on each item, click the Put-in-Handbook.

From here, go to your More > Adventurer Handbook. Then go to Collectibles

Now, go to 15th item “Life Sword”. Then press the + on each item on the left side to activate the last objective for the remaining item “Life Sword”.

After that, a new Quest from the Pixi Collector will be activated. Talk to him to get the Life Sword Item.

Go to your Bag and select the Life Sword and click the Put-in-Handbook. 

To finally complete this quest, go back again to Collectibles, Adventurer Handbook. And activate the Life Sword Item.

By now, you should unlock the Mask of Darkness.

You may also watch the full walk-through video below.

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