How to Get Invisible Arrow Quest, (Evil Hood) Glast Heim Chivalry in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the locked quest in the Collectibles, Adventure Handbook is the Invisible Arrow Quest. This collectibles can be started by killing a Giant Raydric Archer Monster and a Giant Raydric Swordsman inside the Glast Heim Chivalry. Unlocking this quest will also able to you to buy the Evil Hood blueprint from the Creste’s Royale Medal shop.

To get started with the quest, you need to go to Glast Heim Chivalry. Look for the following monsters; their locations and the required quest item to loot are on the list.

Quest ItemMonstersLocation

30 x Yellow Arrow
Golden Arrow

30 x Dim Love Letter
Crulero – Crazed Bow

40 x Tattered Soul Imprint
Crazed Swordsman – Alricht

35 x Broken Bow
Ecklen – Magic Arrow

Once all of the quest item are collected. You need to talk to Gary Calais Collector to give all of the quest item and exchange for the collectible item in Invisible Arrow collectible from Adventure Handbook.


Hunt for this monsters when you have available stamina, this will help you get random 2 times drops when using a Lightning Chain and as well as lots of Creste’s Royale Medal up to 50 pcs. You’ll also get less drop when you’ve reach beyond the combat time.

How to Check Collected Quest Item

To track how many quest item you’ve collected. Just open your bag, then find the Quest Bag. All of the quest item is listed on this stash.

This helps you track how many item you already obtained.

Spawn Location of the Giant Raydric Swordsman/Archer

Golden Arrow spawned on one of the room in the right top corner of the Glast Heim Chivalry. This monsters drops a quest item Yellow Arrow.

Crulero – Crazed Bow is located just down the Golden Arrow Monster at the right middle corner of the map where a big statue is located. This monster drop the quest item Dim Love Letter.

Crazed Swordsman – Alricht spawned on the most top left corner of the map, upstairs. This monster drops the Tattered Soul Imprint.

Ecklen – Magic Arrow, our last monster spawned just on the left room besides the portal entrance. This monster drops the Broken Arrow quest item.

You may follow our guide below on how to exchange the item to Hall Collector and Gary Calais Collector.

Exchange to Gary Calais and Hall Collector

After you’ve completed all of the required quest item, you can now submit this to Gary Calais and Hall Collector. Your map will be automatically marked once you’ve completed one item. 

Talk to the NPC to exchange for the collectibles item that you can use for the Invisible Arrow quest from Adventure Handbook.

To Complete the Quest

Once you’ve completed exchanging all of the quest item from the collector. You can now go to your bag and select each item then press the Put-in-Handbook button.

This will activate the items to your Invisible Arrow collectible from Adventure Handbook.  Go to More > Adventure Handbook > Collectibles Tab. On the 14th item, click to select the Invisible Arrow. Then press all of the + button on every item to activate the remaining item for this collectible.

From here, a new quest will be mark from your map to Gary Calais Collector. You then now need to talk to the NPC to received the remaining item for the Invisible Arrow quest.

Same process, go to bag, put in handbook and go to adventure handbook then press the + button. 

You should complete now the quest and able to unlock the Evil Hood Blue print from your Creste’s Royale Medal shop. 

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