How to Get Fate Card Quest, (Skull Cap) Glast Heim in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the blueprints solds in Creste’s Royal Medal shop is the Skull Cap blueprint, but it was locked by a quest called Fate Card in which you cannot activate it from an NPC, unless you encounter an Giant Joker and able to get the required quest item for the Fate Card quest.  You can find these Giant Joker at the Glast Heim Hall.

To activate this quest, you need to get the following quest items; Bloody Mace, Broken Gold Cup, Dirty Coin and Broken Sword.

These quest item can only be drop from a Giant Joker, these Giant Joker is different from the normal joker because of its size and has a different last names, you can also identify these monster easily on the map if their dot icon is red, because of aggressive type of monster.

The following are the required item and its quantities that you need to collect from the following Joker monsters.

Quest ItemMonstersLocation

20 x Bloody Mace
Joker Scepter (Lv.96)

20 x Broken Gold Cup
Joker Holy Grail (Lv.96)

20 x Dirty Coin
Joker Star Coin (Lv.96)

30 x Broken Sword
Joker Sword (Lv.96)

What’s great with these quest is you could get a huge number of Creste’s Royal medal because these monster not just drop 2 x Creste’s Royal Medal, but ranging from 6 to 40pcs.

Spawn Location of the Giant Joker

Joker – Scepter, this joker is just located on the center of the map of the Glast Heim Hall. This monster drops Bloody Mace and as well as 6 to 15 pcs of Creste’s Royal Medal.

Joker Holy Grail, this joker is located on the top center corner of the map in Glast Heim Hall. This monster drops Broken Gold Cup and it drops Creste’s Royal Medal 6 to 15 pcs.

Joker – Sword, this monster is located on the right bottom corner of the Glast Heim Hall, near the south corner of the blue portal. This monster drops Broken Sword and some 6 to 15 pcs Creste’s Royal Medal.

Joker – Star Coin, our last monster is located inside a room in the right top corner of the Glast Heim Hall. Inside the room this joker is just on the right corner besides the table with stacks of weapons. This joker drops Dirty coin and some Creste’s Royal Medal.

Finish collecting all of the remaining quest item to exchange to Worth Collector.

Exchange to Worth Collector

Once you collected all of the required material, the Worth Collector location will automatically mark in your map.

Worth Collector is just besides Ariel at the entrance of the Glast Heim Hall.

Talk to the NPC to exchange for the collectible items for the Fate Card from Adventurer Handbook. Do the same to other quest item to collect other items.

After the exchange you should get the following quest items; Right, Holy Grail, Star Coin and Sword.

To Complete the Quest

Once you collected all of the item from Worth Collector; the … Go to your bag and on each item, click it and press the Put-in-Handbook button. This will put the item to your Adventurer Handbook.

Go to More > Adventurer Handbook. Then go to Collectibles tab. On the 16th box, the Fate Card. Press the + button to activate the remaining item.

A new quest will pop up to the Worth Collector, talk to the NPC to get the remaining item the Fate Card.

Now, go to your bag again and select the Fate Card, press the Put-in-Handbook.

Lastly, go to your Adventurer Handbook and Activate the Fate Card Quest.

Now, the blueprint for the Skull Cup is now unlock the the Creste’s Royale Medal shop.

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