How to Get Archangel Wing Quest, (Dark Dancing Mask) Glast Heim Hall in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the items that are sold in the Creste’s Royale Medal shop is the Dark Dancing Blueprint, but it is locked with a quest that needs to be complete for you to buy it

The quest is Archangel Wing Quest which requires level 80 and getting a quest item drop from four different SMVP monster to complete.

Spawning the SMVP Monsters

This quest is probably one of the most time-consuming quest in the game. It requires an effort from a party to finish because it involves killing the four different SMVP monsters which are way stronger than a typical MVP monster.

These SMVP monsters can be summoned by killing the 8 Revival Shaman in the left bottom corner of the Glast Heim Hall near the Sword statue.

Once all of the remaining Revival Shaman are killed, a random SMVP monster will be spawned at the Sword Statue, still in the left bottom of the map. In our case, we summoned the Chimera (Lv.95).

Once the SMVP monster is killed by either you or other players, the Revival Shaman will respawn again in the left bottom corner after 2 hours (Note: This is not yet confirmed if it is 2 hours, got this info from a China Server guides. From the description on the quest, SMVP monster will only appear once a week. Stay Tuned for this info..)

Killing the SMVP Monsters

You need a party or even your whole guildmates to defeat this monsters. It’s pretty tough to kill alone, the quest item drop rate is also not 100%, so you may require to kill this monsters a couple of times for you to get the quest item.

In this screenshot, it takes a lot of players to take down huge deviling.

Four SMVPs Monsters

Here are the four SMVP monsters that you need to kill and its location in the Glast Heim Hall. 

SMVP Monsters
Quest Item
Known Location

Huge Deviling

Devil Smile

Chimera (Lv.95)

Motley Sword


Bloody Curse


Heaven Gate


You can check your quest item progress by checking the Quest Bag from your Bag.

Exchanging Item to Morgul Collector

Once you collected all of the required Quest item (Devil Smile, Motley Sword, Bloody Curse and Heaven Gate). An icon will automatically mark in your map near the portal entrance, and you need to go to the NPC named Morgul Collector to exchange these quest item for the items to your Adventure Handbook. (Do this on every item you get)

Once you collected all of the exchanged items, go to your bag and on each item, press the Put-in-handbook button. Then go to your Collectibles in Adventure Handbook, then on the 8th box the Archangel Wing, press the + button on each item to activate the next quest.

After that, a new quest will automatically mark in the NPC Morgul Collector for you to get the Archangel Wing

This time, the blueprint Dark Dancing Mask should be unlocked. 

To complete the quest, go to your Collectibles, Adventurer Handbook and press the + button for the Archangel Wing icon.

That’s it! Hope this guide help you finish the Archangel Wing quest!

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