How to Downgrade Weapon / Equipment in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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If you recently upgraded your equipment to I, II, III, IV, or etc., and want to downgrade or degrade the level to the base, there’s actually a way to do that. There is a lot of reason why players want to downgrade their equipment either they want a new end-game equipment or the next level up equipment are much cheaper than its predecessor.


Downgrading your equipment to the base will also return all the materials, and zenies you spent on the equipment upgrade.

Downgrading Equipments

Most players probably know this already, but for others who didn’t know it yet, you can follow this guide!

In this example, we have a weapon Cutlus II which is upgraded to level II. Upgrading this equipment to this level requires a lot of materials and zenies. Let’s say, we would like to return all of the materials we spent on upgrading this equipment, including the zenies.

To do that, you just need to go the nearest Exchange.

Go to the Sell tab, then select the weapon that you’d like to downgrade. In this example, we pick Cutlus II.

Press the On shelf button.

Now, press the Put On Sale button. Don’t worry this won’t immediately put up on sale your item.

Finally, click the Remove to return all the materials and downgrade your equipment. You also need to pay the fee which is 5,000 zeny multiply by the equipment level. In our example, we have Cutlus II and the fee is 10,000 zeny (5000 x 2).

There you go! All materials are now back to your bag inventory.

That’s it guys! Hope this guides helps you!


You can actually repeat this step to earn those badges from your Adventurer’s Handbook. But you need to pay 5,000 zeny for every rounds. Total cost to reach 200 equipment upgrades is 1m zeny 😀

  • Equipment upgraded – 1 time
  • Equipment can grow – 10 times (Est. cost – 50k zeny)
  • No need to change – 50 times (Est. cost – 250k zeny)
  • Equipment Researcher – 100 times (Est. cost – 500k zeny)
  • Equipment-making Master – 200 times (Est. cost – 1m zeny)
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