GLC.X114 File Shinning Spot Quest (Deviruchi Tail), Glast Heim Culvert in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the shinning spot quest in Glast Heim Culvert, there are total of 10 shinning spot that you need to obtain from this map. Initially, there are 5 visible shinning spot, every initial shinning spot there is corresponding new shinning spot will show. Completing this quest will allow you to unlock the Deviruchi Tail from smile assistance.

Collecting the Quest Items

To get started, in the following list. We colored the initial shinning spot to Gold and numbered each to equivalent new shinning spot to unlock.

Shinning SpotRequirements/UnlockLocation

Completing this item will unlock the shinning spot for Sharp Blade.

Magic Eye
Completing Magic Eyewill unlock the shinning spot for Rune.

Requires Magic Eye.

Completing Key shinning spot will unlock the Manacles shinning spot.

Requires Key.

Completing Grain shinning spot will unlock the Gold Coin shinning spot.

Gold Coin
Requires Grain.

Completing Scroll shinning spot will unlock the Crown shinning spot.

Requires Crown.

Sharp Blade
Requires Poison.

Putting in Adventurer Handbook

Once you collected all of the shinning spot item. You need to go to your bag and on every item. Select each one and press the Put-in-Handbook button.

After that, go to your Adventurer Handbook and on the Collectible tab, find the 6th tab named GLC.X114 File. Click each of the + button to activate the new quest.

A new quest will appear on the map of Glast Heim Culvert. Go to the Castle icon to get your last quest.

From here the Shadow Exorcist will appear and asked you one question.

Answer to Shadow Exorcist

The answer for his quest “Do you know who the winner of the bet is?” The answer is The Crow Exorcist.

Deviruchi Tail Unlock

Once you answered correctly the Exorcist. You’ll be unlocking the Deviruchi Tail from the Glast Heim Smile Assistance.

Finishing the Quest

Lastly, go to your back – find and click the GLC.X114 File and press the Put-in-Handbook.

Then go back again to your Adventurer Handbook at the Collectible tab. Press the + button for the last quest item.

That’s it! the quest GLC.X114 File should now be completed.

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