Bot Script for Ragnarok M Eternal Love is Circulating in the Internet

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There is some hot discussion ongoing now in Ragnarok Mobile Reddit and other group community. It’s about the Bot script that allows players to automate the MVP hunting in the game, allowing their character to fully operate 24/7. However, the opinion of the players in Reddit are devided – if using the bot script legal or not.

A Redditor xcivy commented on the post saying “You can’t prevent people from automating this game, to me I think these scripts are still acceptable as they still mimic a real person playing as they do not guarantee any boss drops. However, scripts that mess with the intrinsic game codes like drop rates or exploit bugs like the recent mvp hunting in arena issue should be illegal.“.

A Redditor add_darkswd also commented on the post saying “Things like this make me want to stay away from this game right now. I’ve been fully invested in this game and play manually all the time accept for the use of “Auto” button which everyone has an access to. How can the developer not aware of this kind of things in the game is beyond me. Hopefully I’m wrong and the developer can get their act together as I do love playing the game even with all the faults such as maintenance and server problem. However if the developer still going to turn a blind eyes toward this kind of botting program I will not going to stick around for much longer.”

He also added “It’s really hard to stop this kind of automation. It’s just simulating a really dumb MVP Hunter. It’s not healthy for the game, but it’s also not easy to distrupt without impacting regular users. Everyone knows mmorpgs are degenerate and exploiting information before someone else can.”

While it is true that this is not a hack, using Bot to automate the game is quite unfair to other players, especially to other players who are just enjoying the game. Just imagine, if the whole channel server is flooded with bot farming MVP’s/Mini, there will be no more room for MVPs/Mini hunting.

The Bot Script

One of the bot maker explained to their page how their bot works, they say they are using a pixel-based or image-based to detect the current state of the game allowing their bot to manipulate the game programmatically. Meaning, there is no code injection or patch involve when using the tool – it’s literally a bot playing the game.

The said script can automatically detect the time of the MVP’s will appear, it then starts to hunt the MVPs’/Mini using the Fly Wing for several times until it detects the MVP/Mini near the character’s location. When it detects, it will automatically attack the monster to get the loot. It will then transfer to the next MVP/Mini for hunting. It repeats the commands 24/7.

The bot maker also charge their customer for using their tool.

There’s also an add-on script that modifies the game files of the game that gives enhancement and instant completion of the quest. We discuss it on a separate post.

Allowed or not?

In the (TOS) terms of condition in Ragnarok M Eternal Love page. Under section 5 Online Conduct, (o). It states You agree not to engage in any of the following: Use or distribute “auto” software programs, “macro” software programs or other “cheat utility” software program or applications”.

This means using a bot or other third party program to automate the game is not allowed and the game company may file a lawsuit against to the bot makers for damages or may ban players who are using the tools. However, there is no official announcement yet regarding Bots aside from this TOS.

You can read the whole TOS at

In the other news in 2017, Blizzard seeks $8.5 million in a lawsuit against a Bot maker who enables cheat for their game Overwatch, Hearthstone and other games.

Although detecting these bots are very hard to detect, let’s hope that GM can do something about this issue.

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