Auction House in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, Available in Dec 21

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A new update is coming to Ragnarok M Eternal Love and that is the auction house where rare item will be posted in auction and everyone can place a bid to get the item. Players who got the highest bid after the time ends will be the winner and gets the auction item.

However, the currency use in the Auction House will be in BCC. Meaning you can only bid in the auction by using a real money in the form of Big Cat Coin.

The bidding increments has only 3 options; +10 BCC, +100 BCC and +1000 BCC. There might be a few changes in the SEA version, will see those after it will be release.

The estimate price in Auction house is calculated as 10,000 Zeny is equal to 1BCC.

You can check on this Youtube video by B2J Games Club, where a Gold Devil Wings were sold for 81,170 BCC. If we convert it to a real cash that’s 485,396 PHP or 9,149.24 USD. The last item auction was a Majestic Goat Helm which sold for 207,200 BCC or equivalent to real cash of 1,239,056 PHP or $23,371.69. Well, that’s a hell lot of money to spent for a game.

Would anyone in the SEA server can beat that auction? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

You can check some more of the information regarding the Auction house below.


Registration of auction item stops every Friday. Players cannot register anymore in 30 minutes before the Auction Starts.

After the registration, the system will select 10 items randomly to put on the auction. If more than 1 player has submitted the same item, then we will choose one player randomly, the rest of that item will be returned.

If all of the 10 items are finished bidding, then the auction for this week is over. The next registration will start at the next 5:00 (GMT +7)

If the registration ends and there are not enough items to put on the auction, it will be carry over on the next Saturday 19:30 (GMT +7)

During the Auction

The auction will start every Friday, 20:00 (GMT +7). The auction for those 10 items will be start one by one, if the bidding is finished or no one is bids, it will start the auction for the next item.

When there is no more bidding after two minutes, then there will be a countdown timer.

Bidding with Big Cat Coins, starting bid is the price in Exchange, 10,000 Zeny = 1 BCC.

After the Auction

If the item is unsold, it will return back to the player. If the item is being bidden then it will go under review. After the review, the successful bidder is able to claim the item.

The item registration will received the final bidding price in Zeny. 1 Big Cat Coin = 10,000 Zeny.

So for example, if you sold an item in auction for 2,000 BCC. You’ll get 20M zeny.

How to Join the Auction House

To join the auction house, just go to More. Then click the Auction House icon.

or you can talk to the NPC in Prontera Square near the Exchange.

A list of all auction will be listed here, on December 21, 2018 – all of the item are available for registration.

Rules and Other Info in Auction

  • Only the items that meet the auction requirement will be available in the On Shelf interface for selection.
  • The same equipment or item can only be placed on shelf once.
  • The starting bid of the auction is 60% of the Exchange Price.
  • The auction time, 8 hours before the auction system will show you the 10 items that are going to be put on Auction. The registration ends at every Friday 11:30 (GMT+7), review time is 11:30~12:00, presenting time is 12:00~20:00, Auction time starts at 20:00.
  • There will be a pop-up window when you bidding, to let you select “Don’t remind again in this auction”
  • Click on the players’ portrait to see the details of Participants
  • You can chat in the auction screen.
  • When the current bidding time is at 5 and 10 minutes, players cannot bid with +10 and +100 big cat coins.
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