An Exploit in MVP/Mini hunting finally spotted by a Redditor, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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A redditor /user/Holyhikaru posted in /r/RagnarokMobile a screenshot of a cheater named •XมoEllตด• exploiting the MVP and Mini hunting using the PVP’s Emperium Arena. It is followed with lots of reply from the community until a redditor /user/enzumei unfolds everything how the hacks work.

Explanations of this bug i have gathered so far : So basically, let’s say u r in EN1, normal channel everyone has access to, u play as a monk/priest and unlock “warp portal” skill from rune system, copy the warp(to map) then go into emperium arena(not sure if it works in all arena modes or just emperium)

Arena has its own separate channel, so this means its like a private channel with just you, everything else is still the same okay? Normally, when u go into the arena, there’s no warp to other maps,

But with the “warp portal” skill said earlier, players can open warps to maps they copied before, but in the arena ~channel~, and hunt bosses while being the only one in the channel

I’m a Thai, and after reading all the discussion in the TH fb group, that seems to be the case.. can’t confirm it myself tho, the issue seems to be fix now (if u guys remember it, last night the game just had an “astrolabe” issue fix.. which is the rune system). But if that’s the case, they just ninja fix this game-breaking method without even trying to come out and compensate or sorry or.. idk what can they even do now lol

imagine how much zeny/real money ppl who exploited this have gained by now @.@ this game has been opened before in TW and CN.. wonder how they left this bug until now

So the hacks basically works only in a special channel in Emperium Arena where a new set of MVP/Mini is available. However, normal channel like (PHXX, ENXX, THXX, etcc.) are not affected with the cheats. Poor smokie hiding peacefully in that special channel 🙁

The glitch is something to do with the rune skill of a monk/priest, the warp portal where it can save or copy the map for later teleporting. This cheater then goes to Emperium Arena where it enter’s into a special channel where he can kill a new set of MVP and MINI, he then use the skill warp portal to teleport to the save’s map and solo the MVP and Mini bosses. However, this is not yet confirmed if the cheater uses this skill or the cheaters uses a third-party program to exploits the map.

We’ve tried going to the Emperium Arena, the same user still kills all of the MVP/Mini bosses.

So far, one of the admin in Ragnarok M Eternal Love fb group tells everyone that their developers is now looking on this exploits.


GM finally banned all players who participated in the exploits and fixed the issue by removing all of the MINI’s and MVP’s in the arena channel. As well as resetting the MVP/Mini Board. Here is the complete announcement from their FB page.

Dear adventure,

To provide a healthier game environment and an even fair platform, we have fixed the issue with Arena channel boss hunting and dealt those individuals who were exploiting. Details are as follow:

  1. We have taken back those exploiting player’s illegal advantages gained during the Arena Channel boss hunt. 
  2. We have permanently banned the players who were abusing the illegal exploiting.
  3. We have fixed the issue and removed the MINIs and MVPs in the Arena Channels, also the MVP leaderboard will be reset.
  4. We are more than welcome for all of your reports if you ever find any players are exploiting illegal actions please contact our official GM through in-game customer support or the official Facebook Group. We will always protect our players’ benefits and provide an equally fair game platform; wish every player will help us to keep the healthy game environment. 
  5. We are very appreciated for everyone’s support and thank you for understanding.
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