A Guy Spent 45,000 PHP in Gatcha Feast trying to snap Canon Champagne, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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YouTube personality and streamer Julius Mariano, more commonly known as Banoobs, recently uploaded a video where he sought to test his fortune in the Gatcha Feast. His aim? A virtual-item, bottle of Champagne. Drawing inspiration from fellow streamer Shehyee, who successfully obtained the Canon Champagne after spending 1,098 Big Cat Coins (BCC), Banoobs was determined to repeat the success. He planned to invest a comparable amount of BCC, translating to a significant sum of up to 45,000 PHP (Philippine Currency), in his pursuit of this ultra-rare item.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love (ROM) had previously distributed 90 Big Cat Voucher Feast tokens to all players as compensation for server maintenance. These vouchers can be used in Gatcha rolls. However, dissatisfaction has been brewing among the player base, many of whom were disappointed with the common items they received from their rolls, rather than the sought-after rare items. Once the vouchers have been exhausted, players have the option to buy BCC with real money and continue their pursuit in the Gatcha Feast. Currently, 1 BCC is priced at 10 Pesos, and each roll in the Feast costs 30 BCC or approximately 300 Pesos.

With Banoobs committing 45,000 PHP to Gatcha, the question arises – will this be sufficient to secure the elusive Canon Champagne? Watch the video linked below to find out and remember to subscribe to his channel!

What are the Chances of Getting Rare Item

When it comes to probability, snagging a specific rare item in the Gatcha Feast is a daunting challenge. The odds of acquiring the desired rare item are shockingly low, ranging from just 2% to 0.1%. On the other hand, the chance of obtaining any random rare item is marginally better at 5%. The remaining 95% chance falls to common or less desirable items – often referred to as ‘garbage’ by players – such as Pet Potion, King Poring Gift Card, Food Voucher, and Hairstyle Voucher.

In Banoobs’ case, his investment did yield eight premium items, but, regrettably, the coveted Canon Champagne was not among them, even after spending a hefty 45,000 pesos.

What is Canon Champagne

So, what makes the Canon Champagne so desirable? This item is highly sought after by players with Agi/Crit builds, given its additional attributes and skills that boost crit damage. It’s one of the exclusive items from the Christmas Event, only available during this period in the Fantasy Generator Feast.

Here are the key attributes of the Canon Champagne:

  • Luk +5
  • Auto Attack brings 1 stack of Lucky Blessing: Luk +2, Crit.Dmg +2%, for 10 seconds, Maximum 5 stacks.

The bonus skill, Lucky Blessing, activates randomly during auto-attacks, providing a buff of Luk +2, Crit.Dmg +2% for 10 seconds that can stack up to five times. Thus, in total, players can obtain Luk +10 and Crit.Dmg +10, with each stack lasting up to 10 seconds.

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  • Erick December 27, 2018 5:22 am

    i have no expectation to get anything from gacha, yet i got one on my first try after got ticket compensation. pure luck.

  • Kevin December 27, 2018 2:48 pm

    Got mine on 2nd roll , spent 100$ xd


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