A Guy Spent 45,000 PHP in Gatcha Feast trying to snap Canon Champagne, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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A Youtuber and Streamer Julius Mariano or well known as Banoobs uploaded a video on Youtube trying to check if he got the same luck with his friend Shehyee, a Filipino Streamer who happen to get a Canon Champagne after spending 1,098 BCC. Banoobs, on the other hand, plans to spend the same amount of BCC or up to 45k (Philippine Currency) until he snaps the super rare item Canon Champagne.

Last week, Ragnarok M Eternal Love gave everyone 90 Big Cat Voucher Feast as a compensation for the server maintenance. Players can use these vouchers to roll in Gatcha. But most players are unsatisfied because they got cheap items from the roll instead of rare items. When players run out of vouchers, they have an option to purchase BCC with real money where they can spend this to roll in Gatcha feast. The current price of 1 BCC is equal to 10 Pesos, each roll cost 30 BCC or around 300 Pesos.

But with the plan of Banoobs of spending 45k in Gatcha, is this enough to snap the item Canon Champagne? Watch the video below to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.

What are the Chances of Getting Rare Item

If you’re looking to roll for a specific rare item in Gatcha Feast, the chances of getting that rare item are very low at only 2% to 0.1%. However, the chances of getting a random rare item are at 5%, the other 95% are those cheap items or what they call garbage like the Pet Potion, King Poring Gift Card, Food Voucher, Hairstyle Voucher and etc.

In Banoobs case, he was able to get the other 8 premium items. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful on getting the Canon Champagne even spending 45,000 pesos.

What is Canon Champagne

Why lots of players wanted the Canon Champagne? This item is a must for Agi/Crit build because of its extra attributes and skills that will enhance crit damage. It is one of the Christmas Event items that are only available in Fantasy Generator Feast during the Christmas Event.

The following are the attributes of Canon Champagne:

  • Luk +5
  • Auto Attack brings 1 stack of Lucky Blessing: Luk +2, Crit.Dmg +2%, for 10 seconds, Maximum 5 stacks.

The extra skill Lucky Blessing, randomly activates when doing auto-attack, where you’ll get a buff of; Luk +2, Crit.Dmg +2% for 10 seconds and it can be stack up to 5. If we total the whole stacks, you’ll be getting Luk +10, Crit.Dmg +10. Each stack lasts up to 10 seconds.

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  • Erick December 27, 2018 5:22 am

    i have no expectation to get anything from gacha, yet i got one on my first try after got ticket compensation. pure luck.

  • Kevin December 27, 2018 2:48 pm

    Got mine on 2nd roll , spent 100$ xd


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