Where to Get Silver Medal in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Silver Medal is one of the requirement to enter Guild Raid and Valhalla Ruins, saving a lot of this medal is very important so you could join those activities and face some MVP and MINI monsters. It can also be use to buy certain items like the PVP rewards . 

So where you can get these Silver Medals? You can get these from several sources, but Ragnarok M Eternal Love limits how much you can obtain Silver Medal per week.

How to Get Silver Medal

You can acquire Silver Medal for completing the following:

  • Guild Quest – Those quest inside your Guild (Taking Pictures, Tricks and etc).
  • Monster Resistance – The NPC in Prontera where they give you 10x Experience.
  • Laboratory – 
  • Open Rift – By completing each Open Rift in the maps.  
  • Mission BoardThose daily mission you can get in the Prontera. There are 10 missions every day.
  • Endless Tower – By joining the Endless Tower challenge.
  • Training Grounds – There’s a quick way to instantly finish this, buy it from the Rice Ball.

How many Silver Medal you can get Daily

To maximize getting Silver Medal every day, here are the complete list on how much Silver Medal you can get from the following.

  • Guild Quest – 3 Silver Medals for every 3 Quest completed
  • Mission Board Quest – 3 Silver Medals for every 3 Mission Board completed. (9 Daily)
  • Monster Resistance – 1 Silver Medal (2 Daily)
  • Training Grounds – 3 Silver Medals (3 Daily)
  • ET – 1 Silver Medal for every 10 floors (10 every week)

That’s it hope this mini guide will help you obtain more Silver Medals!

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