Where to Buy Peak Shard in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Peak Shard is one of the most important item in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, it is use to unlock job for level 41 to 70. There are only two ways to obtain these Peak Shards; First is from the Incredible Vending Machine from your Guild Hall and the second one is from Disir Val using a Bit Cat Coin.

Incredible Vending Machine is only be available in your Guild Hall if your guild already unlock the Guild Facility, the requirements for unlocking this facility is 20 Emperiums and several items for building the Incredible Vending Machine to 100%.

The cost of a each Peak Shard is 20 Silver Medals and you can only buy one everyday.

The other one is supposed to be from Disir Val in the Prontera using real money “Big Cat Coin“, besides the Event Items shop. But for no reason, the item for Peak Shard is not available in the shop. 

So, your best choice is to buy it from the Guild. If your guild don’t have the Incredible Vending Machine, you maybe asked your member to donate more Emperiums to the guild to build the Guild Facility, or you can join other guild that is level 3 or 4, most of these high level guild already unlock the Guild Facility. You could also join our Guild “GamingPH“, channel PH50 in the game.


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