What is Water of Forgetting in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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As you’re checking out each item item in the Event Shop, you probably notice one item called Water of Forgetting. The description of the item is not clear and specific what skill it will reset, and many players are very curious what is actual use of the item.

This item is use to Reset all of your Adventure Skills, you learned this skills from purchasing in the Adventure Skills Shop. Upon using this item, all points will be reset back and all zeny you spent for learning those skills will be return to your account.

Using this is very important when you reach Adventure Class B as you can now able to pick again what Adventure Skills you want to prioritize first and remove other unuseful Adventure Skills.

The cost of Water of Forgetting in the Event Shop is 500,000 Zeny and it can be use by talking to Mayfair Linse, Adventurer’s Guild Skill Mentor at the top corner of Prontera.

How to Use Water of Forgetting

After purchasing the item from the Event Shop, open your bag and press the Use button on the item. Then, press the Right Arrow button to locate the NPC.

Upon reaching the area, talk to Mayfair Linse and select the Reset Adventure Skills, he will then asked you to bring the Water of Forgetting. 

From here, select Yes to Proceed with the Reset.

All of your Zeny you spent in the Adventure Skill Shop and Adventure Skills Points will now be return back to your account. You can now re-choose again what Adventure Skills you want to prioritize and not.

That’s it! Hope this clarify what this item is for. If you comments, suggestion or questions, don’t hesitate to comment it down below.

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