What is Magic Sewing Machine (Reinforce, Mithril Refine) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the four facilities available in the Guild Facility Construction is the Magic Sewing Machine. There are two options available in this shop; the Sewing-Reinforce and the Mithril Refine. Both are use to upgrade your equipment with additional stats other than Refine, Enhance and Enchant. If you notice, you cannot refine headgear, tail and back from the refine equipment shop, it is because, these equipments can only be refined from the Magic Sewing Machine using Mithril Refine.

The Sewing-Reinforce is the same as equipment enhance, the only difference is – the added attribute is added to what they call Reinforce, a new attribute for your weapon that gives you additional stats for your weapons other than enhance.

The next one is the Mithril Refine, the same as refining – but only available for headgear items. If you notice headgear, tail, and back is not available in the Equipment Refining, it is because you can only refine headgear, tail, and back in the Mithril Refine.

Reinforce and Refine cost both thousand of Zeny and a Mithril. Mithril is probably new items to you, this new items can only be obtain from either Exchange, chest drops, or from the Incredible Vending Machine.

Unlock Sewing Machine Level

The following are the list of unlock when Sewing Machine earns a level for Mithril Refine.

Sewing Machine LevelRefine UpgradeRefine Level Cap
1Unlocked Head Refine4
3Unlocked Face Refine8
5Unlocked Mouth Refine 10
7Unlocked Tail Refine 12
9Unlocked Back Refine15


As of the moment, there are low stocks of Mithril in the Exchange, but you can easily bought an uncombined Mithril Stone. You can make 1 Mithril from combining 5 x Mithril Stone, the price is the same.

That’s it! Hope this simple quick overview of the Magic Sewing Machine helps you figure out, what this shop is for.

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  • Alvir December 16, 2018 12:15 pm

    Hi, Does this include refine for mouth, back, tail gears, etc? Thanks!

  • Zero October 23, 2020 4:14 pm

    1. Is sewing-reinforcement remains the same after End-Tier upgrade?
    2. Is sewing-reinforcement can be inherit or transfer? (like enhancement)
    3. Is sewing-reinforcement not available for weapons and accessories?
    4. In mithril refinement, what is the maximum refine?
    5. In mithril refine, is there a chance for it to be broken?

    if YES in number 5:
    6. Does it need the same requirements for its repair?
    (like number of required ‘samename’ [broken or not] headgears, back & tail)


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