What is Big Cat Credit Card in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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After purchasing an BigCat Coin, Zeny or the 31 Days Premium from Ragnarok M Eternal Love, you’ll automatically get a Big Cat Credit Card or B Coin Credit Card item into your bag. You’ll earn B Coin credit every time you purchase an item from the ReCharge store using real money.

The B Coin Credit Card is a wallet you use for sending gift with your friends, when you want give someone an item or an equipment from the Exchange shop – you need to pay certain amount of B Coin Credit on the top of the item cost and the transaction fee to complete the exchange.

(Note: Buying an item in the Exchange Shop uses Zeny not the B Coin Credit).

The credit added to your B Coin Credit Card is based from the following criteria: (Discount and promos are also applied in the conversion)

  • 1 Big Cat Coin – 10,000 credit
  • 10,000 Zeny – 10,000 Credit
  • Premium – 500,000 Credit

Gifting Presents

The NPC for gifting is named Big Cat Man Exchange Clerk. You can find this guy in every capital city of the game in Prontera, Geffen, Morroc, Payon, etc. 

Not all item from the Exchange shop are available for gifting, only items above 100,000 Zeny. To know if the item is available for gifting, open the buy window of the item and at the bottom right corner you should see a message “This item can be given to friends after purchase”. In our example we tried to buy a Roda Frog Card that cost around 169,160 Zeny

When you successfully purchase the item from the Exchange Shop, the item will be available in the Trade History tab. From here, you should see a Present button besides the Collect button. Click the Present to send it to your friends.

As you can see on the top corner of the pop-up window, the amount needed to send this gift is 169,160 B Coin Credit, the same amount you bought the item in Zeny. There’s also an additional 10,000 Zeny transaction fee. To select a recipient, you need to click the + button. However, custom message doesn’t work as of the moment.

Select the friend that you want to give the present. Only friends that are online will be listed here. 

Now, click the Gift to friends to send the gift, and pay the 169,160 B Coin Credit plus the 10,000 Zeny transaction fee.

You also have an option to send it Anonymously. You can then now click the confirm button to send the gift.

After the gift was send. You will be notified when your friend already accepted the gift. It will show the amount deducted and the remaining B Coin Credit you have.

Checking the The B Coin Credit Card, the total balance is now deducted with 169,160 credits. And a new transaction appears in the log book labeled as Cost of Presenting.

Receiving the Gift

Once the recipient received the gift. A Gingerbread Deliveryman will show on his front.

To received the gift, the recipient needs to click the Open Myst Case.

A pop up window will show with the message from the sender. Clicking the Sign for will received the gift and clicking Refuse will decline the present.

Gift received! The Gingerbread Deliveryman will automatically gone after receiving the presents.

That’s it! To recap everything. The sender of the present spent the following amount:

  • Roda Frog Card – 169,160 Zeny
  • Cost of Presenting (Roda Frog Card) – 169,160 B Coin Credit
  • Transaction Fee – 10,000 Zeny

You may also watch our walk-through demo video of how the B Coin Credit Card and Exchange gifting works.

Gifting Rules:

Here are the following rules on gifting in Exchange Shop.

  • Each time the player recharges in the last 30 days. He will get a quota of equivalent value *10000. Each successful gifting will deduct an amount equal to the Zeny price of the item.
  • Gifting requires a certain amount fee. The higher the value of the gift, the more the require fee.
  • Only one gift can be gifted at the same time. Gifts worth less than 100,000 zeny cannot be gifted.
  • The gifted item is delivered by the Gingerbread Deliveryman. After the item is delivred, the player has five minutes to receive or reject it.
  • If the gifting fails, the item will be returned to the player’s transaction record. The player can continue to choose to gift or receive.
  • The gifting button is reserved for up to 3 days.
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    you lost you zeny tho

  • weirdoROM November 14, 2018 9:40 am

    whats the point of the credit card if the player zenny is deducted right?

  • John November 16, 2018 10:22 pm

    why can’t you use it to buy items for yourself?

  • Jhey Mikael Geraldez November 22, 2018 1:36 am

    meaning the zenny you spent will not be brought back to you? wew no thanks! haha

  • sel November 23, 2018 9:17 am

    So, it’s just a way to control players from giving gifts to others. U need to have these B credits in order to give gifts and one way to gain these credits is spend real cash. Another ridiculous & shitty business plan from these voracious developers or whatever you call them


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