Turkey Fascination Quest, Day 2 (Gobbles) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the 2nd day of Turkey Fascination Quest, you’ll be continuing the quest in Geffen. There will be a new tasked assigned for you by Jiken, because he has a problem when he got back home to his incubation room, he saw this monster Gobbles eating the food bowl. Gobbles is one of the three turkeys, he eats like a little monster and will get mad if not been taken care off. Your task is too calm down the monster and return him to his normal condition.

There will be a question from your character when Gobbles becomes mad.

Gobbles is mad now! What should we do? Choose the Battle.

You’ll then tasked to collect 0/5 Futaba Grasses in the Goblin Forest.

After that, the task will be straight forward, Smash herb to the machine to make herb and spraying Gobbles with the herb to make him recover.

Finishing the 2nd day of Fascination Quest will give you the Turkey Feast Gift Box, that contains 5 x Turkey Feast found in your Food bag and the following.

  • 1 x Seed of Mastela
  • 1 x Valkyrie’s Gift
  • 1 x Gold Medal
  • 2 x Mora Coin
  • 5 x Honor Proof

You may watch our walk-through video guides below.

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