Trash Can Switch (Vermilion City Gym) in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee

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In the Vermilion City Pokemon Gym, where the gym leader is Lt. Surge. The path going to the gym leader is locked down by two electric barrier. The only way to pass through electric barrier is turning it off from a switch hidden on the two trash can, there are lots of trash cans inside the gym, and only two of them has the switch, picking up the 1st switch trash can is not quite difficult, but the problem is on the 2nd switch as if you pick the wrong trashcan the electric barrier will reactivate again.

But if you talk to the 3 opponents, they’ll actually give you a clue on what trashcan is excluded and the location of 2nd switch.

  • I heard there isn’t a switch in any trash cans next to the red trash can!
  • Why don’t you check a trash can next to the blue trash can?
  • After you push the first switch, you need to push the second switch right after. The two switches are adjacent to each other.

If you still haven’t figure out. See our answer below.

Where are the Switch in the Trash Cans? 

The first switch is the top center trash can, third trash can from the left, 1st row from the top.  

The second switch is just besides the first switch. Third trash can from the left, 2nd row from the top, near the sailor.

After that, the Electric barrier should now be opened and you can now fight with the Gym Leader.

You may also watch our video walk-through guide below.

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