Rookie Fried Dish (Food Appraiser Quest) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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When reaching the Cook Level 5 in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, a new quest will be unlocked by Dwight, the Food Appraisal inside the Cuisine Association. You were asked to try something unique and make a 1 Rookie Fried Dish, the recipe is not specific but it mentions “A proper amount of Vegetable“.

To cook a Rookie Fried Dish, you need a Vegetable ingredients. The easiest ingredients that you can get is the South Gate Carrot, you can purchase one from the Primary Ingredients Shop just inside the Cuisine Association building, or you could loot it from Willow Lv. 21 using the Chef’s Eagle Eye. You may also use other vegetables if you have.

How to Cook Rookie Fried Dish

Open your Cookbook from your Bag, then use it to open the Cooking menu.

Then, from at the bottom left corner. Press the Basket (Cookware) and select the first icon (Fry).

Now, select the Vegetable ingredients. Recommended, 1 x carrot, then press Start to begin the cooking.

You should able to cook and unlock the Rookie Fried Dish.

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