Minstrel Morgan Quest (Mithril Gown) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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To unlock the Mihtril Gown from Geffen’s Equipment Craft, you’re required to finish the quest Morgan Quest from Clem Silva, Minstrel.

The requirement item to finish this quest are the following:

  • 30 x Mementos
  • 1 x CD – Miss You

You can loot Mementos from Flora Lv. 41 at Mjolnir, Marine Sphere Lv. 32 at Underwater Temple or you could buy this from Exchange for 566 Zeny. (The price in exchange might vary from time to time).

The CD – Miss You can be bought from the Event NPC in Prontera.

How to Complete Minstrel Morgan Quest

To start this quest, you need to talk to Clem Silva, Minstrel from Geffen, he just in the right corner of the map. Then select the Morgan Story. 

Your first objective will be requiring to get the 1 X CD – Miss You, you can get this from the Event NPC in Prontera.

After that, the next objective is defeating 300 of Deniro’s in Morroc, Sograt Desert. 

Once done, the final objective is giving Minstrel the Mementos.

That’s it! You should now be able to unlock the Mintril Gown, and you can now Craft this item from the Shop.

How to Craft Mintril Gown

The NPC for crafting this equipment can be found on the upper corner of Geffen map.

The following item are required to craft this equipment:

  • 30 x Zircon
  • 150 x Sticky Mucus
  • 15 x Coal
  • 25,000 Zeny

Zircon can be acquired from the Exchange and from the Pet Adventure. You can also loot this from the following Mini / MVP bosses; Rotar Zairo Lv.45 at The Ruins of Valhalla Guild or at the Goblin Forest, and Goblin Leader Lv.45 at The Ruins of Valhalla Guild.

Sticky Mucus, you can get this from the Exchange or you could loot them from the Goblin Archer Lv.37 at Goblin Forest, Goblin (Hammer) Lv.35 at Goblin Forest as well.

Coal always available in Exchange and can be get from the following monster; Argiope Lv.45 at the Mjolnir, Labyrinth Forest, and Steam Goblin Lv.39 at the Goblin Forest.

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