How to Use Shining Glass Bead (Bizarre Cat Litter Box) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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When your guild, already have the Guild Facility. Guild Challenge will be available in your guild. In the Guild Challenge, there are certain task that your guild need to complete in order to get a rewards.

The rewards is a Steward Cat’s Gift, a treasure box that contains full of Shining Glass Bead.

The Shining Glass Bead is a currency use in the Bizarre Cat Litter Box inside the Guild Hall, it is use to exchange 400 Shining Glass Bead for getting a random rewards (Zeny, Eden Coin, Honor Proof or Contribution). The amount you’ll get from the random rewards depends on the level of the facility. The higher the level, the higher you get.


In order to use the Shining Glass Bead, these are few obvious requirements.

  • You need to have a Guild
  • Guild should have Guild Facility
  • Bizarre Cat Litter Box is already build in your Guild Hall.

If your Guild, don’t have any of the two requirement. Asked your guild leader and member to contribute 20 Emperiums to build the Guild Facility. And asked your leader to also build the Bizarre Cat Litter Box.

How to Use Shining Glass Bead

Go to your Guild Hall. Then proceed to the Guild Facility, at the center right corner of the map. 

Go to Bizarre Cat Litter Box and use your Shining Glass Bead. You need 400 Shining Glass Bead for you to roll one random rewards.

In our case, we got 43 x Honor Proof.

That’s it! Hope this will help you figure out how to use the Shining Glass Bead. You may also watch our video walk through guide.

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