How to use Big Cat Voucher Feast in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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This Big Cat Voucher Feast is now available to use in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. During the first 2 weeks of the game was release, a lot of players were curious how to use this voucher feast in the game, as the machine for exchanging this item is no where to find.

Finally, it is now available in the game after the November Thanks Giving update. The item can now be claimed using the Fantasy Generator Machine in the Prontera Square. 

Note: This Gatcha Feast only shows during Holidays.

Getting a Big Cat Voucher Feast

You can get the 1 x Big Fest Voucher from your game Assistance daily when you reach 60 intimacy (This is by completing the daily tasked). 

Using the Big Cat Voucher Feast

Go to the Prontera Square, just infront of the Adventurer’s HQ porta. At the center there is Fantasy Generator Feast. Talk and open it.

Now, you can invest using a 30 x Big Cat Voucher Feast or 30 x Big Cat Coin. 

After claiming, we get this 🙁 Contacts Vouchers.

Items in Fantasy Generator Feast

You can get random items from the Fantasy Generator.

The following are the items that you can possibly get after redeeming your Big Fest Voucher.

  • Costume: Summer Style (Green)
  • Costume: Summer Style (Yellow)
  • Costume: Summer Style (Red)
  • Costume: Summer Style (Ocean Blue)
  • Summer Baseball Cap (Green)
  • Summer Baseball Cap (Yellow)
  • Summer Baseball Cap (Ocean Blue)
  • Summer Cap (Green)
  • Summer Baseball Cap (Red)
  • Summer Baseball Cap (Ocean Blue)
  • Summer Cap (Green)
  • Summer Cap (Yellow)
  • Summer Cap (Ocean Blue)
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Melon
  • Paper Towel Cat
  • Tiger Head Hat
  • Shattering Snow Weapons Voucher
  • Summer Series Clothes Shard
  • Bloody Dead Branch 3.0
  • King Poring’s Gift
  • Contacts Voucher
  • Harstyle Voucher
  • Food Voucher
  • 4 x Mora Coin
  • 50 x Eden Coin
  • 10 x Black Wing
  • 10 x Clock
  • 10 x Snow
  • 4 x Lv.5 Talent Fruit
  • 1 x Lv.7 Talent Fruit
  • 5 x Pet EXP Potion (L)
  • JOB Potion (XL)
  • BASE Potion (XL)
  • Gold Star
  • Black Pearl
  • Red Agate
  • Card Album Remains
  • 2 x Hardcover Card Album Remains

You may also watch our walk-through video on claiming the Big Cat Voucher Feast.

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